Our corporation was established in 1989 and has been carrying on its production on 4000 m² field in Konya with its 50 person experienced staff and with franchising network in many countries offer-ing turn-key solutions to the customers on flour and semolina production plants.

Our company is continually renewed itself since it was established, supported by CAD-CAM CNC lathes machine course enriched. In addition, advanced technology, produc-tion-class machines and systems that produced the margin of error to zero by applying the %100 attract control.

In addition, accurate and fastest machines to allow the painting to a paint unit in the latest tech-nology, adapting to rapid and efficient production system and supply of spare parts to customers that will allow rapid spare parts store, a modern and er-gonomic operation, taking the world as of today its products at the point where is exported to 32 coun-tries have become


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